Based on scientific research Jo Estill founded the Estill Voice Training System over many years. While having an international career as an operatic singer she asked herself the simple question: “How am I doing this?” which inspired her to conduct voice research.

Through studying the Estill Voice Model I could answer many of my questions. The deep knowledge of the physiology of the voice did not miraculously transform me a into a better singer, but it felt like for the first time in my life I could feel and see the “keys” of my instrument.

After a couple of years in training I got the Estill Figure Proficiency (EFP) in 2011, since 2015 I’m an Estill Master Trainer (EMT) and since 2022 an Estill Mentor Course Instructor Candidate (EMCI).

I can highly recommend everyone that is on the search for answers about their voice to take an EVT-Course and take a closer look at this modle!

Estill Voice Training® is all about finding a new way to use your voice. Experience “Figures for Voice®” — exercises for vocal freedom — and apply the insights you gain to create new vocal colors. A Workshop will give you an introduction; a Level One course will teach you all of the “Figures”; Level Two will show you how “recipes” can be “mixed” for Six Voice Qualities: Speech, Falsetto, Sob, Twang, Opera, and Belting. Re-energize and re-new your voice. Speak, sing, and find a new way with Estill Voice Training!

Focus on Craft: Craft separates vocal “mechanics” from “art”. Working from simple natural vocal expressions, such as laughing and crying, Craft produces fast results and provides the tools to make artistic vision a reality.

Liberating: Any non-abusive voice quality is accepted and nurtured, embracing cultural and musical diversity. Learn where risks lie and how to avoid them!

Universal: Our focus on Craft benefits actors, executives, singers, teachers, and professional speakers—anyone with a voice! Estill Voice International’s certification process ensures that every teacher, workshop and course throughout the world provides the highest quality instruction.

Efficient: We produce fast results in classes where everyone can learn together. After discussion and demonstration, classes split into small groups for individual attention.

Effective: Engaging books and creative media make learning about the voice
fun. See the voice in action through Estill Voiceprint PlusTM, a user-friendly software program from Vocal Innovations.

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Here is my official site at Estill International: Find an Instructor